sexta-feira, julho 08, 2005

080. "ROSA DE AREIA" na "Variety"


Rosa de Areia
(The sand Rose)

"The Sand Rose" contains a flow of handsome images unburdened by any narrative continuity, accompanied by a selection of text ranging from Kafka to medieval tales. Picture will appeal only to audiences exclusively concerned with film language and poetry.
Decorously clad figures, mostly women, are arranged around breathtaking landscapes, their expressions denoting a state of constant angst.
Film is mostly about the abject conditions of human existence, with historical episodes such as the 15th century trial of a sow. The exact significance of all these images is far from evident, but it seems the point is to create moods, rhythms and images.
The film contains its own criticism when it says that these have already been seen before: they are senseless, but also beautiful.
It’s strictly arthouse experimental fare.


Variety, March 15-21, pág. 16, 1989